TizzBird F10/F20 custom firmware


My little sister bought a TizzBird F10 media player.There where a few things I thought there where missing, like the Google Play Store and root access. After a bit of searching I couldn’t find any hints on how to install the Play Store, enable root access or other firmwares. So I decided to make one myself.

The first release of the firmware is based on the default TizzBird_F10_update_GMS_V2_14_13012500 firmware.
I’ve made the following changes:

  • Added root access and SuperSU
  • Added the Google Play Store
  • Changed the boot animation to a basic android one, which made the device boot much faster
  • Removed the TizzBird App-store (Unnecessary)


First of all, installation is on your own risk!

Installation is pretty straight forward. Copy the firmware file to an USB stick and plug it in your TizzBird F10. Start the TizzBird Explorer, navigate to your USB stick and just click on the firmware file. You get a question if you want to install this firmware and after confirming your device reboots and flashes this firmware. During installation your device resets a few times, so don’t worry, just be patient. After a few minutes you should see the new boot logo and the device should boot like normal.

Download links

TizzBird F10
2013-02-20 – TizzBird_F10_update_GMS_V2_14_13012500.v3 (105MB)

TizzBird F20
2013-03-24 – TizzBird_F20_update_GMS_V2_14_13012420.Custom (105MB)
2013-05-28 – TizzBird_F20_update_GMS_V2_16_13041223.Custom.signed (106MB)
2013-10-22 – TizzBird_F20_update_GMS_V2_20_13072721.modded.signed.tzbird (103.3 MB) (Broken, removed)
2013-10-25 – TizzBird_F20_update_GMS_V2_20_13072721.modded.signed.tzbird (103.3 MB) BETA RELEASE PLEASE REPORT!

Please leave a comment if you think this post is useful, or you have any questions or suggestions.


  1. Hey bedankt voor je custom firmware, maar ik krijg die er ook niet op.. zelfde probleem met de signature.

    Ik had het toestel zichzelf eerst laten upgraden, blijkbaar naar “TizzBird_F20_update_V2_15_13031419.tzbird”, want ik heb die nog op mijn sdcard staan. Wil je dat ik die ergens upload?

    Alvast bedankt voor de moeite..

  2. Hello Martin,
    Just updated my f20 with your rooted fw and it works perfectly!
    Hope to see more from you, could you please email me so I can test stuff for you? djmvt at ziggo dot nl

  3. Hey,

    yeah, great that it works. Fine. It was my first rom, for the future i will make more Roms with more features. your email adress was saved, send you more stuff, but, it may take a while since I have little time.

  4. Great work, i’ve Tizzbird F30 and i would like to make it support arabic chars, it seems it’s related the android version that Tizzbird is using, do you know a way to make it upgradable to android 4?


  5. Hello,

    I have tried to install the firmware on my Tizzbird F20, but the update hangs with error message:
    Unkown volume for path /scsi_sda1/Tizzbird_F20_update_GMS_..zip
    Can’t mount /scsi_sda1/Tizzbird_F20_update_GMS_..zip
    installation aborted.

    the only thing i can do is boot system now.
    and then it will work but with the old firmware 🙁

    do you know how i can remove this error…

  6. @Zouhair

    Rename the file to update.zip, insert USB stick in bottom USB port and install in recovery. This worked for me 🙂

  7. i have the F10, downloaded the ROM, put it on a usb stick, put it in the bottom usb.
    tizzeplorer doesn’t see the file.
    renamed it to update.zip and tried the recovery mode, it hangs with errors.

    Someone got an sollution???


  8. Hello. I’ve f30 model and i’m wonder if I can install this firmware?
    The hardware is the same i think.
    Can You help me, or maybe make a dedicated firmware for example with newest version?

  9. Nice work Martin!

    At first try i’ve get the Signature failure but after dj MvT advice to insert USB stick in bottom USB port it worked!

    Great ROM, appears to boot faster and good to have remove the email things.


  10. Invalid Production Mode.
    Unfortunately trying install v16 on F30 model but it didn’t work.
    v20 signature failure on every usb port

  11. 15eHi! It worked! I intlalsed fruit ninja on my wave 2 but without shifting to memory card default installation location.Is there any way I could spoof another game?? I wanna spoof asphalt 5 and need for speed shift on my phone. Asphalt 6 sucks coz it always crashed on my wave 2. Thanks!

  12. I have an F10 that I would like to install XBMC media centre onto but I think it needs Android 4.4 Is there anyway to upgrade to that version? Thanks.

  13. Thanks Martin for the modded firmware, couldn’t download anything to f20 from 1mobile store. After installing your modded rom, can get Netflix etc back on it thru google store. Anyone know how to fix parse error when trying to install xbmc or is firmware just not supported? Thanks again

  14. Hi friend.
    Is there any update to this custom firmware because the Tizz is now in version 3.20?

    Great Topic!!!

  15. Hello,

    i have flashed my Tizzbird F20 with your modified firmaware. Playstore now run very well. Thank you for this useful things 😉

    What do you mean? is it possible to integrate support for a bluetooth USB stick? Maybe i need a correct driver to install?

    Best Regards, dreG

  16. Hi Martin

    I have installed your update form the link https://mega.co.nz/#!E9RDyATA!BmI_v1kTRfG3eXOzOHfyzDaAWkY7FKD_sz4a_Q2eBgI .
    Everything went good but after rebooting tizzbird asked me to do whole setting process. The thing is that when it comes to page 6 to choose the background/layout after accepting any of them a got such error “The application DVDLIVE (process com.android.mediacore) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Below is the button – force close” After hitting the button force close it comes back to the page 4 of settings and it is happening over and over the same. The worse is that I can not do anything else. Reinstalling doesn’t help same as factory reset.
    Can you help me to solve this problem?
    My email is yoyi(at)wp.pl I can sent you screens with this error massage.

  17. Yes I have solved the problem. Below you can find the solution.
    Maybe you lose your scraped datas. I don’t know because i never used the scraping function, which actually
    do not work because it is outdated. In my case all the media files (mp4, mp3 …) are untouched after updating.

    Download the Tizzbird F20 Firmware 2.20 from:

    The name of the downloaded file should be: TizzBird_F20_update_GMS_V2_20_13072721.zip
    Unpack this file.
    The unpacked file name is: TizzBird_F20_update_GMS_V2_20_13072721.tzbird
    Rename this file to: update.zip

    Copy the file update.zip to the root of a USB-Stick which is FAT32 formatted. Root means not in a folder!

    If you don’t know how to unpack, rename, format and copy ask a friend.

    Switch off the Tizzbird F20 with the Remote Control.
    Remove the Power Supply Plug and wait 3 seconds, otherwise you may not be able to enter the RecoveryMenu!
    Connect the USB-Stick with the file update.zip to the lower USB-Port on the left side of the device.
    Connect the Power Supply Plug to the Tizzbird F20.
    Switch on the Tizzbird F20 with the Remote Control (Orange Button).
    Quickly press the Red Button on the Remote Control several times.
    After some seconds the Recovery Menu appears.
    If not try again starting with text mark “Update:” above.
    On success use the Arrow-Keys and the OK-Button to navigate.
    Clear the cache and Wipe all data.
    After that choose update and select update.zip.
    The new firmware should install now.
    Wait until the process is finished.
    Your device acts now like a new one.

    Following this steps you should be able to enter the Recovery Menu any time!
    The Recovery Menu is not available if you install a firmware below 2.06 before.
    Copied from http://www.android-hilfe.de/android-tv-boxen-allgemein/301801-tizzbird-f20-android-smarttv-box-4.html


  18. Hallo, I habe a problem with Tizzbird f20 . When I play DVD (with VOB ts …) it makes almost all 30 seconde a short pause.
    Can anyone help me ? With divx, avi it work well (I have a 4TB extern memory from seagate).
    Thanks a lot

  19. Hallo, I have tried to install XBMC for the problem with DVDs but I can’t find the extern memory (4TB)…Is this too big for XBMC?

  20. Hello guys,
    thx for this very helpful posts. I try to update my firmware but it doesn’t work. I have a F20. I had luck with installing youtube via usb, because i did it with the correct (old) version of the apk from youtube (very lucky). Can you please upload a new version of your Firmware for F20 including the google play store?
    Is it possible to install every app from the play store?

    Thx 🙂

    Best regards,

  21. Hi, I’ve got Tizzbird F20 and try to install your ” TizzBird_F20_update_GMS_V2_20_13072721.modded.signed.tzbird (Beta)”. I only get the error “Signature failure”. I already tried in “recovery mode” and from TizzBird’s built-in File Browser. Are there any possibility to get it work?
    Thanks, Squatt

  22. I also get always the “Signature failure” message, is there anything i can do about it? I tried the last ROM which is onle on this website (V2_20_13072721, all other files are offline), and only by installing it with the android file manager, because with remote (pressing red button) i dont get the recovery menu. I tried 1000 times. if you have tips or files/updates for this device, you can mail me: fatman @ gmx . eu

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