DrawSpy is a helper or cheat program for Draw Something.
DrawSpy makes a dump of the application memory of Draw Something, and searches for the word you are trying to guess.

Root permissions are required for reading the ram of your phone.

Currently only tested on an Galaxy S2 with Draw Something Free.

Please let me know if this works on your device!

I’ve pulled this from the Play Store because it didn’t work anymore. But I’ve release the source code, maybe anyone has any use for it.


  1. Hello there, Ted. I have downloaded DrawSpy
    On my Galaxy Note N7000 rooted running Android 4.0.4 with Draw Something (paid)
    and the application could not locate my game when running. Just some feedback if you’re still developing it.

    1. Hello Abdullah,
      DrawSpy is currently not under active development, but I will look at this issue and try to fix this. Is it okay if I contact you by email?

  2. Hello,

    The app is no more available on market. Is it possible to have a compiled apk or maybe source code ? (I’m an active android dev…)

    Thanks in advance !

    1. Hey, you can have the compiled apk, no problem. I’ll post it here soon.
      Are you interested in developing it further?

  3. Yes I’m very intersted in source code and maybe continue app dev. with credits of course. I already do memory editing for pc games but I really don’t know how to access/read/write memories in android. I would really apreciate. You can join me by email and ask for my skype 😉 I hope to see you later 🙂

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