Stkeys for N900

I’ve managed to compile stkeys for my N900 (running Maemo).

Stkeys is an utility to recover the default WPA key from certain Thomson routers using the default SSID, for example the Speedtouch 780.
A few simple benchmarks show that the recovery takes about 130 seconds.

You can download the .deb file here. You can download this file, and install (as root) with dpkg -i stkeys_0.1_armel.deb.

Example usage:
For example we use as SSID of “SpeedTouch188DBB”
You should run stkeys 188dbb from a terminal, and you will see the following:


In this particular case the WPA-key is: 763FF260D1 which is the first possible key for 2006.

Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

Update: (27-10-2010) stkeys is now in the extras-testing repository. You can install it on your N900 by clicking this link.


  1. hi there. I download the file n get in the root mode, but when I run it, I got the error [dpkg: error processing stkeys_0.1_armel.deb (–istall): cannt access archive: No such file or directory. Errors were encounterd while processing:

    plz help

    1. Are you root when trying to install?
      You can check this by typing ‘whoami’ in the terminal.

      To become root, you can type ‘sudo gainroot’ in a terminal, if you have the package Rootsh installed (from the standard package manager).

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